Brand IDentity – Website DEvelopment

MACCOMM has become one of Canada’s leading strategic communications agencies working with a swath of established brands and large projects all the way to smaller start-ups with critical and strategic communications needs. After over 10 years in business, the Founder felt it was time to modernize the agency's visual identity and messaging, mandating August to deliver a strategic rebrand inclusive of website design and social content plan.

Focused on making a difference for the brands and people they work with, our team wanted to ensure all agency touch points were polished and attractive to new potential clients while also reflecting the team’s deep understanding of the beauty, fashion, lifestyle and tech landscape. Elevating the look and feel of the site through close collaboration with the Founder was crucial to deliver a refined messaging flow and visual identity that would enable the team with a comprehensive visual system to help grow and build the business for the next decade.

Brand IDentity
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Website Design
Website DEvelopment
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